What is Gingerol?

Gingerol is the active compound found in Ginger which gives Gili Elixirs the many health benefits to boost your health. Shop your favorite product now to experience what boost you'll get from drinking it!

What ingredients are used in Gili Natural & Vitalizing Ginger Elixir?

Only high-quality and organic products are selected for Gili. Gilli's Ginger Elixir mixes hand-pressed: ginger (50%), lemon, and a hint of honey. That's it, PURE goodness. 

The exact recipe is a well-kept proudly owned and argued over secret that only Gaëlle & Enzo can share.

What is the separation in at the bottom of the bottle?

That's our fesh pulp! It's what people call the juice sediment. Sediment contains many beneficial properties, it's what adds power to your Gili drinks. This Ginger residue proofs that our product is 100% natural & organic. No preservatives or flavor enhancers are used. We love it pure.. Shake well to have your power intake!

Why Ginger and what are the benefits of Gili Ginger Elixir?

Gili will give you your daily boost thanks to the high concentration of Ginger. This superfood will give you the needed power to get through your day, everyday. We use a high concentration of ginger and only work with freshly pressed juices to keep the nutrients, and thus the benefits as high as possible.

Who can(not) drink Gili Ginger Elixir?

We encourage absolutely everyone to try out our Ginger Elixir made especially for the bravest amongst us.

Kids: All kids older than 1 year can try Gili Ginger Elixir! Kids will love the zestiness in this drink, and let's not forget about the many  benefits of honey.. let's get your kid used to those strong flavours.

Pregnant Women: Yes, it's safe for pregnant women to consume honey or Ginger! However, with moderation. When in doubt, consult your doctor. Lots of pregnant women claim to have positive effects after consuming ginger: giving a power boost, helping against nausea and painful breasts, and so many more. Try out yourself, we would love to hear your feedback!

Diabetics: Gili contains 10 g of sugar per 100 ml. Only Popeye would dare to take a full glass of Gili, so in a shot or diluted with water you will only get only 1 g of sugar per glass. This means that Gili Ginger Elixir is perfectly safe for most Diabetic patients. When in doubt, you might want to consult your doctor.

Cardiac patients: Ginger has a 'blood thinning' effect. For most people this is a good thing leading to oxygen into the body. However, when taking blood thinning medication it is advised to drink Gili with moderation as the Gingerol might reinforce the effect of the medicine. So be sure to consult a doctor when consuming Gili Ginger Elixir.

When in doubt always consult a doctor. Enjoy life, but as everything in moderation. So don't exaggerate the consumption of Gili Elixirs and share it with your loved ones.

Where does our Ginger come from?

Our Ginger is carefully shipped from Asia. Going back to the roots 5000 years ago where Ginger was first discovered and used for medical purposes.

Ok so you are zero-waste, but how eco-friendly is your bottle?

Our bottles are made out of recycled glass. Glass is 100% recyclable so be sure to dispose according to local regulations or give a new life to our beautiful Gili bottles. Check out how we give our bottles a new life: re-use now!

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